Depo Kedokteran is a company engaged in the distribution of medical devices and healthcare. At the beginning of its establishment in mid 2010, Depo Kedokteran only focused on the distribution of laboratory equipment. 

However, with the growing company and the increasing demand from customers as well as technological advances, we are expanding our focus by adding several other health service products such as laboratories & reagents, radiology, hospital equipment, hospital furniture, home care, and others. 

To provide information so that people who are far from our location can quickly receive information, we provide online access in the form of a website with the address www.depokedokteran.com as a means of being reliable with us. 

An affordable pricing structure is the next strategy to hold on and move forward. Last and most importantly, Depo Kedokteran has a commitment to professional After Sales Service to customers so that customers who buy products from Depo Kedokteran are satisfied and safe.  

Depo Kedokteran, 

your medical partner you can trust.